Undergraduate students

Our group is currently seeking several undergraduate laboratory assistants to participate in our research. Individuals in these positions also have the opportunity to work with the mitochondria, cells, animals, human, and to perform basic laboratory bench work, including sample processing and preparation, analytical techniques  and other duties as needed.

Students may have the opportunity to present research at regional/national conferences and to be included as an author on journal articles. Working in a research lab is an excellent way to get strong letters of recommendation for further graduate or professional study. Paid undergraduate researcher position may also be available depends on funding situation.  Students that interesting in doing a senior project or undergraduate thesis are also welcome in the lab.

In general, individuals expressing an interest in pursuing a research-based masters or doctoral degree after completion of their undergraduate degree will be given preference for available positions. We are especially interested in applications from freshmen and sophomores who anticipate working in the lab for multiple semesters/years. If interested, please contact Dr. Zhang through email.